Friday, November 11, 2011

Oregon Gardens!

Tomorrow is hubbys birthday but since we are busy we went out today instead. We went to the Oregon Gardens in Silverton. It was really foggy on the way there. The weather was about 45 degrees. But when we got there the sun had lifted there and it was beautiful. Very fallish. We had a good time and are looking forward to going next summer when the weather is better.
Here are some pictures:

The top picture is in the childrens garden. I love this little family made out of clay pots.
Next is some flowers on a tree. This is one of my favorite color combos, a teal and pink. I have never seen them together in real live before. These were flowers on a tree.
Only a few of their water features were going but there were some beautiful waterfalls.
The colors on the tree were fabulous.
The picture is of a plant called Beauty Berries. I have never seen purple berries on a plant like that before. They were really pretty.
So even tho it is November, there is still some beautiful color to be seen. The sun was warm on us just a little. When it is warmer weather I look forward to going on some of the trails that were in the shade today and too cold.
If you get a chance to get to Silverton, check out the Oregon Gardens. They even have a great place to stay there.

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