Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Fairy Garden!



Here are some pictures of my fairy garden I just made. I would like to get one more fairy to sit on the bench but none of the fairys I saw did that. Some were kneeling but not sitting so I will keep looking.
I have a new bakers rack shelving unit I ordered and I am going to paint it and then I will have this as one of my center pieces.
I got everything for this garden at the local nursery. (The same one with the great cats). The jar I got at Michaels for half the price they were selling the containers for at the nursery. Michaels did have some things there too. Not necessarily for a fairy garden but it seems like terriums are in style again.
Lots of fairy gardens have live plants but I decided to go with one that doesnt. So I got a bag of little rocks, moss, the fairy and other items all at the nursery. They do have cool air plants that you only water once a week but I decided to not go the live route at all .
Happy Stamping!
Stamper Gyrl!

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