Friday, November 26, 2010

Glue Tip for Glitter and Things!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Even tho I am a day late.
I dont have any projects to share right now. I have recieved christmas card orders for over 100 cards. So I am busy this weekend making them and not something new!

I found a good glue for things like glitter, flower soft and sparkly fluff. I almost ran out of glue at stamp club. I really hate to run out of things when I am in the middle of stamp club. I feel like I am letting everyone down. Then I had a conversation with one of the gals. I store had just started selling flower soft and the owner told her that you can use anything it will stick to. Dont buy special glue. I have always used Art Institute Glue for glitter but it is spendy and hard to find these days. Then my flower soft glue quit sticking. So when I got home I tried good old Elmers glue. And you know what it works GREAT!!! I got it out of the tool closet in the laundry room. I just love getting things like this at home depot. Then the money I save on it I can spend on the other yummy stamping things out there. So mounting tape and elmers glue will always definately be on my list for home depot.

So I have been using my cricut lately. I am working on Hello Kitty cards for a birthday gift for a gal at work. I am really having fun with that. Then yesterday Kati said a gal at work wants her to make a sign for massage gift packages. My hello kitty cartridge has an adorable snowman and I will use some of the snowflakes I have been making.
So stayed tuned for some Hello Kitty things and cute snowmen.
Happy Stamping!
Stamper Gyrl!

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