Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flower of the Week!

I have decided to make tuesday my flower of the week day. My flowers are starting to pop out one by one and on a sunny day they are beautiful. This is my Bleeding Heart. It used to be in a big pot in the corner of the patio. But as pots do, it got brittle and broke. So a year or so ago my hubby planted it in the ground. Now I have at least 5 of them. I love this flower but it only lasts until it gets hot and then it wilts away. But as you can see there is a baby fern to the left of it that will get bigger and in the center of it, there is some flower that I dont know what it is but it will be a surprise.
We have purchased a few new things and I dont know where they got planted or remember what they are so we will see. We planted some Mexican Shellflower bulbs. I have never heard of them but they are very colorful. So I cant wait to  see what they do!
Happy Planting!
Stamper Gyrl!

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