Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beach Trip!

So yesterday we decided to take a little drive since it was a beautiful day. We went over towards Yamhill and then ended up on a road to the coast. The main road to the Nestucca Reacreation areas was closed. So we ended up on this glorified logging road. It was paved but only one lane. Just a little scary in places I thought. Then we decided to go to the beach. Very unlike us to decide to go over there that like in the afternoon.
It was absolutely gorgeous over there. We had a great time. We went into Pacific City and it was hopping.
Here are some great pics we took.

They look like it is almost dark but it really isnt. It was really light like the bottom picture of Bud with his new Jeep. We had to stop and buy him a jacket because we had the T-tops off and it was a little chilly driving around. Since we thought we were just going for a little drive around our area we werent really prepared.
It was a great "little" drive.

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