Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lulu Bell Update!

So Kati brought little Lulubell over on the 4th and decided for some reason that she needed a summer break at Grammies house. I think because it was so late when she left after fireworks that she was in a hurry to leave. So while she has been here visiting she wanted to sleep in the same basket she slept in last time.  The thing is tho she was too big. She got a little upset when she realized she wouldnt fit. When she gets upset she starts messing with things. She took a bite out of one of my cards for Art Impressions next week and then sat on the card and it was still sticky from the glue and it stuck to her little rump. She is go cute you cant get upset with her tho.
I thought I would share pictures of her from last may when she was here and today.

Isnt she just the cutest little thing? I think she has doubled in size.
Have a great day!
Stamper Gyrl!

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