Friday, January 15, 2010

2nd Week of Class and a Yummy Breakfast!

I am sure this picture doesnt do this dish justice but it was very pretty and delish. Kati made this for breakfast for us last Sunday. Banana waffles with homemade grape syrup and bananas and raspberries on top, plus whipcream. It was delish.
Today was my second week of Calligraphy class. It is hard so far. We had to make graph like things to actually practise on so our letters are the correct size. I made two and was still not allowed to do my final draft. I have never been good at drawing straight lines or even spaces and I even learned how to use a T-square and a protracter today. I made two graphs in about 1 1/2 hours. Even tho it wasnt good enough for the final one I was still ahead of some of the other people. I would say I am in the middle. We are using 11 x 17 pads and have to have 2 filled with letters and 4 graphs done by next week. Also with our 25 inch T-squares and 11 x 17 inch pads, we have 5' x 3" tables with 4 people per table so class is a little cramped and I know for me that doesnt help. So I am off to do some homework and see how I do with my own table. Plus my fine fine point pen I was supposed to draw the final line with broke right off the bat and that made me work look not as good.
Hopefully, I will catch on quickly. Even tho I am doing this all for my benefit I would still like to get a good grade. And did I mention we have to do a oral report with our finished book we have to make at the last class. Ick!!!! I hate oral reports. Oh, well. I am still excited and have high expectations for myself.
I also have to get 2 more projects ready for stamp club next week.
Happy stamping and have a good weekend!
Stamper Gyrl!

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