Thursday, February 18, 2010


Have you guys seen Avatar yet? I went to see it with a good friend last night. All I can say is IT WAS AMAZING! We went to the 3D IMAX. It was soooo cool! Even as long as it has been out it was still packed on a Wednesday night. We ran across some really nice people there too which made it an even nicer experience. The movie is soo colorful! I just love bright colors.

Sorry no cards. I have been so busy. My homework takes up my whole sunday and with family and other stuff I have hardly had time to stamp. I did use my Kitchen Sink Rose set on my homework tho. It turned out really pretty. I hope my calligraphy teacher likes it. I would take a picture but it is pretty big and I am not good at taking pictures of bigger things. Even my card pictures are not as good as I like. Maybe I will take a photograhy class next. Although this class thing is really pooping me out. I think I will wait until next fall to take another class.

I am working on cards for my two stamp clubs next weekend this weekend so I may have some cards to show. I am going to try out that Black Magic technique and see how that goes and some other fun stuff.

I ordered from the new Papertrey Ink sets on sunday night. They came on about 9 pm and I was on the computer at about 9:30 ordering. I was so glad I did because they said they ran out of stuff really quick. But my order wont come until next tuesday so I wont get to play with it for a few weeks. But oh well, at least I can look at it right??

I have been so tired lately I took today off work. But I need to clean house and do yardwork. (Maybe take a nap after Kati goes to work).

Happy Stamping!
Stamper Gyrl!

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