Thursday, June 17, 2010

Excited for the Weekend!

I am excited for the weekend! It started for me tonight the minute I left work.
Kati cam over and we made spaghetti dinner and watched Drop Dead Diva. I am babysitting her little kitty this weekend. He is so cute!!!! Kati will be away at guard duty. The hubby will be gone one day maybe too so I will be staaaaamping! Yeah! It all starts tomorrow. Stamping with a friend on friday and then finishing my stamp room and stamping saturday and hopefully sunday. I need to head off to bed so the stamping will begin sooner!
I hope you will all get some stamping time in this weekend also. Whether its by yourself or with a friend. I know its Fathers Day weekend so there are lots of other things to be doing. We will be celebrating Fathers Day at our house next weekend instead1
Happy Stamping!
Stamper Gyrl!

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