Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursdays Card! Oops Not a Card!

I made this project awhile ago. I made two actually. One I gave as a birthday gift to a friend. I didnt know what I wanted to put on hers so I just put Happy Birthday and her name. This one has a cute sentiment. You can use rubons but when I got the materials for this, the rubons were a ridiculious price like $10 or something. So this is just a vellum sentiment that I put on and used a sparkly mod podge over the top. I found all of the materials for this at Craft Warehouse. They are really cool. I might end up putting this in my bathroom because it is pink. Right now it is on top of a cabinet in my stamp room. I was also thinking of hooking it up so it comes on when I turn on my other lights. I have about 4 lamps that I am working on fixing so when I flip a switch they all come on. Right now only three do. So I was going to work this into it when I redo my switches.
I heard something interesting this week. I am sure you all can tell I am a cat lover. Fred Meyers has an ad on the radio that says cat lovers are Mysterious and Creative. I like the sound of that. I keep missing what all they say about dog lovers. I know they say loyal but I dont remember the other adjective. Not nearly as interesting as Mysterious and Creative right?
Happy Stamping!
Stamper Gyrl!

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