Sunday, October 7, 2012

So Cute And Peaceful!

This little kitty used to be Frankie, now his name is Oscar. His name has changed everytime he comes over. Who knows why. Doesnt he look so cute and peaceful? He was so playful visiting yesterday. So he was ruting around on the table between Kati and I and so I got him a blanket and he layed down and hung out with us.
My little monkey card was a remake of a card I made last year I think. Not sure why. I know it was before our computer crashed because I lost the image and had to repurchase him from All That Scraps. But it is still cheaper buying him twice than a rubber stamp and less space.
I was making up a kit for a friend and and I made some extras for myself, so I have three extras sitting in front of me and Kati says "Will you make one for me?" I said I have three extras here, and of course she says "But I want different colors." Then she goes thru my papers giving me a hard time on how much I have, cant find anything she likes and she picks some of her own little stash. So I made 4 of thses because I didnt want to waste it. I just love this little guy and the color combo Kati picked out turned out pretty nice.
Happy Stamping!
Stamper Gyrl!

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