Monday, August 23, 2010

Copic Class and Great Weekend!

This weekend my friend Joyce and I went to Coos Bay to take a copic marker class. It was taught by Cambria Turnbow. She is the co-owner of Our Craft Lounge. Also Kisa and Joy were teaching the class too. I had emailed Cammie and asked her if she would be willing to teach a class and she said yes. So Joyce and I drove down for the weekend.
It was the best weekend ever!!!!!!!!! All three ladies teaching the class were super. I told them I loved the class but also its like going to a good restaurant. If you get a great waiter or waitress it makes the experience so much better. They were great waitress's. Also after the class they invited us over for coloring. We all hung out and colored stamped images. This may sound funny to some but if you are a true copic lover (addict) which Joyce and I diffently are you would understand.
We had so much fun. The class was held at the local scrapbook store Memories of Time. We got there friday afternoon. We had to make a few stops on the way down. First in Lincoln City to go to the scrapbook store there that is going out of business. We waited for about 1 hour for her to show up so we went to the coffee/kitchen/gift shop next door. I purchased two painted wine glasses there. One for Katis apartment with grapes on it and one for myself that says shopping girl with a girl and shopping bags painted on it (look for it in my picture of treasures I purchased later this week). I thought the shopping girl wine glass was very appropriate for myself and the weekend. We also went to Joannes Fabric.  Then we headed south. Had lunch at Moes's in Florence (Yummy!) and found a stamp store there. A very nice lady had just taken it over this week. She named is Rosies Art Carnival (I think). Great lady and store there also.
After lunch and Rosies we headed into Coos Bay. Found our hotel. Red Lion Inn just down from the Old Mill Casino. We got all settled in and decided to run by the scrapbook store to see if Cammie or anyone was there early setting up. They werent but there was another class setting up and the owner Michelle (another wonderful!!!! lady) said even tho the store was officially closed we could look around. Her store is THE MOST WONDERFUL store I have ever been in. Tons and Tons of stuff. All the latest things I have only seen online, not in any other stores. You know those stores that are As Seen on TV???? This was what her store was like only as seen online. We thought we were in heaven. But we didnt want to shop because on saturday when we took the class we go 20% off. But Michelle let us pick all our stuf and she held it until the class. PLUS she gave us a very cool Memories of Time bag to put it in. How cool is that?
Sunday we packed up, had breakfast and headed home.
What a great weekend. And thats not all!!!! I signed up for another class there next weekend!!! I cant wait! Its water colorering with distressed inks. I have seen so many gals on blogs color that way and looove it. So I know you're thinking thats a long way to go for a class but my hubby and I were heading south next month anyway for a mini vacation and it was that same weekend. How cool is that???? So I asked him if he cared and he said nope go ahead. So he will check out the local Harley Davidson store while I have fun. We already checked and there is one right in town.
So stay tuned for my weekend adventure pictures.
Happy Stamping!
Stamper Gyrl!

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