Monday, July 27, 2015

My Stamp Room!

My stamping table! Room for two. More if I bring in another table!
This is also where I keep alot of things I need in the little bins!

This is another view of my table. You can see in the right corner where my buddy sits. This is Sam! He keeps me company. He has a nice little pink blanket to sit on that matches my room!

I have my Ikea drawers to the left of me with cutters, papers, glitters, embossing stuff, catalogues, and my cutting machines.
My cutting plates are in the top drawer. Even my computer is pink and matches my room!
My little drawer unit on the right is from home depot. It has scissors, acrylic blocks, all kinds of stuff you always need!

This is my cube unit from Ikea on top of my chester drawer until also from Ikea.
This holds most of my stamps. I have a few wood stamps left but most of them now are photopolymer. I love the
photopolymer stamps. It also holds ribbons, embellishments, embossing folders. All kinds of stuff.
You can see Stella to the right of it and my glass shelving unit. It holds some knick knacks.

This picture again shows my cubes and drawers but also you can see the cd hold on the left and barely the one on the right. These hold alot of unmounted stamps, dies and a few knickknacks To the right of that I have two of the 6 drawer Ikea units stack on top of each other. These hold all of my cardstock and some other goodies. My inks are
on top in two stampin ink holders.
My stamp room was all clean for about an hour!!! So I decided to take some pictures. I had bought a new lamp and brought in some flowers so thought it was a perfect time for pictures.
I had two ott lamps on the table which I didnt like. So I got rid of them. My new lamp has a bulb that will shine on the table and one that goes up so that was good. And it matched my other lamp so that was good also. For some reason I seem to require more light than other people. I have a light in the kitchen on behind me alot too. But part of that is because it also has a fan that I have on alot during this hot weather.
I love my little room. Especially in the summer. I try to put some colorful plants on the patio so I can see them while I am stamping. I have also put a hummingbird feeder out there to try to attract hummingbirds and the colorful flowers should also along with butterflies. I do have a butterfly bush right around the corner too.
Happy Stamping!
Stamper Gyrl!

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