Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sorry, No Pics today!

I dont have any cards to show today. I am excited. I have the next three days off and plan on lots of stamping. I am stamping with my bff Alice tomorrow. Then on saturday I am going to stamp with my sister. I also have a gift card for Craft Warehouse and a full punch card for my favorite scrapbooking store in Salem ( where my sis lives). The scrapbooking store now carrys Nestibilites!!!!! So with a full punch card you get $15 off any none sales items. So that pays for more than 1/2 a set of nesties. There are still so many I need!!! Then on sunday my hubby is going on a motorcycle ride with his buddies. ( I know he's crazy its the middle of winter. But he is also one of those guys that wears shorts all year, so what can I say.) But that means I have the whole house to myself and get to stamp stamp stamp!!!!! Yeah! I do have to do the laundry but the rest of the house work is done. I hope I can sleep tonight. I feel like those two little kids on that disneyland commercial that are too excited to sleep cuz they are leaving for disneyland. Except I have my disneyland in my own home. How lucky am I!

I hope you all get time to stamp this weekend also.

Happy Stamping!
Stamper Gyrl

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