Saturday, June 20, 2015

Meet Stella! My Stamping Buddy!

My Sis and I were stamping together the other day and we went to our favorite place for lunch. On the way home we were stopped at a light and I just happened to notice something pink!
Well, everyone knows I love pink!!! There is a thrift shop right there on the corner of the intersection we were stopped at and there was a bunch of donations in the parking lot that two gentlemen were taking care of. I saw this great pink dress form. I loved in and went in to see how much it would cost. It was just a few $$ more than I hoped but still not bad (in my opinion) so I got it. They had another one that was black with hot pink rhinestones on the shoulder. The sales gal tried to sell it to me also but I decided I better not!
My hubby thought I was so silly to get it and "add something to clutter my room"!
But my sister told him, I wanted someone to talk to that wasnt going to talk back and always agree with me! Or something like that!
So I decided to name her Stella and yes, once in awhile I do talk to her. But who cares!
Its usually just Stella, me and the cats!!
I had this apron just hanging on my shelf rack and I thought it went perfect on Stella! I was going to attach cards all over her but I thought this was much better!
Plus it hides her one flaw!
I cant tell you what the flaw is! That would hurt Stella's feelings!!

Happy Stamping!
Stamper Gyrl!

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