Thursday, January 12, 2012

Help Me!

I promised myself this year I would try to post something every day this year. I ran out of card samples so whats next best my Kitties! Here they are on a blanket right by me. I had blankets for them in two different places on my stamping tables because they always have to be right there. I know, I spoil them what can I say. I like it as much as they do. So of course even tho they had two blankets they both had to be on the same one. This one looks like Sam decided if there wasnt room then he would just lay on top of Keke but it looks like Keke is looking at me saying "Help Me". THe big lug's got me pinned and I cant get up!
They are the silliest cats and I love them to pieces.
Happy Stamping!
Stamper Gyrl!

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