Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Great Impressions Card

Here's another Great Impressions Card I did for a great impression class I am doing next week. I used the top note stampin up die and some yummy ds paper. I'm not sure I like how the ribbon goes around the middle and I did another card just like it only with the ds paper on the back instead of the background stamp. I am not sure which I liked the best.
I will have two other Great Impression cards coming up this week also.
I also took a candle class on sunday and it was great. Even tho I could hardly smell the yummy smell with my stuffy nose.
So even tho my stamping hobby keeps me busy and I have always said I dont need another hobby I am going to be making candles as soon as I get my starter kit. I got my password last night and got to go online and check out all the scents. I can hardly wait? Yum!!

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