Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Candles,Candles, Everywhere!

Well, here they are finally. A picture of my candles. I have made three batches so far. The yellow ones are slices of fruit. Yum! The pink ones are strawberries and cream. Yum Yum! And the orangish ones are vanilla. I meant for them to be more beige but that didnt work out. But If you look close at the pink one in front and see the stripe in it. It is pink on the bottom then orangey pink and then pink again. I made it a layered candle. It is strawberries and cream and vanilla. Yum Yum Yum.
I still need to decorate them and make them extra pretty but havent done that yet. As you can see I have tealights and tins and little tartlets that go in a dish and with on a cup warmer thingy for people that dont want or cant have an open flame.
Next I am going to make grandmas blueberry cobbler and victoria secrets love spell.
Now I just need to start selling them so I can make money to make more. My hubby likes that I am making candles cuz he likes the house to smell yummy too, just like I do.
Boy, does it ever smell good when you are making them and they smell really good just sitting in the same room with you.

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