Friday, March 20, 2009


My 1st Stamping Bella came today. My second will be here on monday. I have three ketto girls now! Yeah! I have Charlotte, Agnes, and Tatiana. I think Tatiana is my favorite so far.
Monday I will be getting Kenya and her sparkles and Pheobe, plus froggy and some others. As you can see I also recieved the ketto badges I think. You get them for ordering over a certain amount. I am not sure what and I think think with one more order I will be eligible for another $15 voucher on the bead bonanza. I am on a roll with stamping bella.
I made my 1st batch of candles today. It was fun and the house smells so yummy!!!! I made a batch with slices of fruit. They are yellow and very pretty. I havent taken their picture yet so will get them up later in the weekend.
Now I am off to get together some supplies for stamping with my sister tomorrow for her monthly craft day at her work. I cant decide which ketto girl to do 1st. I also have some cute dragonflies colored and a batch of magnolia girls colored and ready to go also.
I want to make lots of cards this week. I am donating a bunch for an auction I think I mentioned already (or maybe not) for Autistic kids.
Have a great weekend and happy stamping!
Stamper Gyrl!

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