Friday, March 13, 2009

My Family!

Here is my family! Arent they cute? This was
taken when Kati was home on leave a year ago.
I was trying to find a picture of my stamp room that would look good for the top of my blog and ran across this picture. I made it as my wallpaper on my computer also.
It makes me wish she was here so I could give her a big squeeze.
She is going to re enlist and be stationed in London for two years. She will be leaving in November. But the good news is she should be able to come home for about 3 weeks in October. That will be the longest leave she has had.
It will be great to have her home but sad to be so far from home. It will be a great opportunity for her tho and her dad and I are so proud of her!!!!!
Stamper Gyrl!

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